Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's been c-r-a-z-y ....

Well the last few weeks have been CRAZY to say the least! 

I got a "fresh start" and moved into my own place this past weekend  ... still have a lot to move but have everything essential here an unpacked (including the kitties!)  The kids seem to be doing good with the change - they are excited about our new apartment mostly because it has a pool.  (They may change their mind in the winter.)  It's a perfect size for the four of us .... and I will be happy when we get everything here.  The kids have been at their dad's this week for the first week of summer vacation - and it's given me a good chance to unpack and explore the VERY cool historic area that we moved to (Ghent.)  Their dad has a place in Portsmouth and the kids favorite thing about going there is "they can walk to eat lunch and dinner."  They love to be able to walk to restaurants, etc.  They're totally city/beach kids!  

This has been a difficult time but if there is one thing I've learned throughout this process - you don't know who your friends really are until you go through something like this.  I hope that if any of my friends experience what I'm going through that they know they can COUNT ON ME to be there, not judge, not divulge secrets or sabotage them.  I've found the most selfish / harmful / negative people in my life and have cut them out completely as this situation is tough enough for ALL of us and the last thing we need is ANY more negative energy in our lives.   I'm excited about the new start for me and the kids and have been making progress moving on with my life.

Work is going great - LOVE LOVE LOVE my job (though I'll admit it's hard to work with an ex!)   I work with a great team and we've made such incredible progress this year towards our "wildly important goal" (WIG) which is to significantly increase our sales.  It's been fun being part of a team that celebrates each other's success and where everyone is happy when someone gets a "win!"   My team has been incredibly supportive of what is going on in my personal life and they have been a huge part of my "healing" process.    I can't thank them enough for what they do for me, the concern they show and prayers they send up.   (Of course, I can't leave out the countless friends and family who ALSO HAVE been there for me, including some new friends who I would have never imagined being friends with previously.)   My true friends have been there, have listened to me rant and complain and cry - and have been generous with offers to help.    You all know who you are and you know I appreciate each of you. 

They've been to the beach, the Y and the pool pretty much every week and they're already golden brown with little white bums (and hair that is blonder every day)! The girls got their ears pierced a few weeks ago and they've done SOOOO good cleaning them and taking care of them - I can't wait to let them pick out new earrings (couple more weeks of starters!) I'm so proud of them! Unfortunately, their hair is a hot mess - trying to let it grow out enough that they can pull it back in a pony - I think that will be so much easier for them than trying to keep it .... tame. They've definitely got the natural curl both me and their dad were blessed with (not!!)   By the way - if there was any doubt that they were mirror identicals, rest assured, I have no more doubts.  Addison lost her bottom left tooth last week (left if you're looking at her) and Avery's bottom right tooth is hanging by a thread - literally.   How weird is that!!!  

Zach is busy getting smarter than his Momma every day .... he never ceases to amaze me with the things he's learned or picked up.  There have been times where he's said things and I've told him what he said wasn't a word and I was wrong.  (pretty scary!)  <--- LOL.      He read more than NINETY books this year in first grade.  These were just the books he was TESTED on.  Isn't that unreal?  He constantly needs to be challenged and he is getting into longer books with chapters (particularly Magic Tree House series) though he continues to read all about animals and bugs and dinosaurs and weather and all kinds of "non fiction" stuff.  He's also losing his teeth at a crazy pace ... he's going to be totally toothless in the front anytime now.  :) (Cute!!) 
Anyway - hope all is well with everyone and I'll continue to keep you updated and as I get settled I'll start to post more and I've got lots of pics to post as well.
XOXO Love you all!


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