Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are…..

(Unless the Gophers are playing, of course!!)

We got a “Groupon” (do you know what GROUPON is, by the way?  If not, you SOOOOO need to check it out  Anyway, there was a Groupon back in October for really inexpensive tickets to a Penn State game – in Washington DC!  That’s right, PSU came to DC to play against The Loosiers – I mean Hoosiers – at FedEx Field this past November.  

The kids had a BLAST at the game (and I think Daddy was pretty happy to see that Zach was as into the game as he was!  Or at least the cheering for his team part!)

PS: PSU lost, which was a bummer – but we had a great day anyway!

I vant to suck your blood….

Here’s some pics of the kids for Halloween. Zach was a (growling) vampire (seriously – he walked around going ‘rawhrrrr’ the whole day) and the girls were ever so dainty in their girlie costumes – a pretty kitty and a lovely little ladybug!  The first pictures were of the annual neighborhood parade and contest (see spiderman-vampire climbing up the street pole) and the 2nd group were from Halloween.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Next up: Mommy & Daddy time!

Once a year we like to take a couple days to ourselves and just have some MOMMY & DADDY time! This year, we had some free plane tickets (miles) and so Sam decided to surprise me with a leaf-peeping trip up to New England (something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do.)

After a bumpy and truly quite eventful trip getting INTO Maine, we had a FABULOUS sight – seeing trip with PERFECT weather (despite the hurricane-force-thunderstorm-that we flew flight getting there). We arrived in Maine late on a rainy and cold Friday night and woke up to sunshine, high 60’s and GORGEOUS fall colors.

Since we unexpectedly had to land in Bangor, Maine (instead of our original destination, Portland) we got a hotel and the next morning we decided to stop in front of Stephen King’s house on on the way out to Acadia National Park. (Pretty cool)!  Acadia National Park is ………..BREATHTAKING to say the least. Seriously, one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to.

Here’s a couple pics from day one.

On our way back to our ORIGINAL destination after the day in Acadia, we drove through some really cute towns – namely Camden, Maine and BATH, Maine. (Seriously, Bath! LOVE IT!!)

We drove up to N. Conway NH on Sunday and spent the day driving through the mountains and checking out the covered bridges and the cutest little towns! All I can say is GORGEOUS. Would go back in a minute and the colors were spectacular this year due to the weather conditions leading up to Autumn.

We spent our last day checking out the Portland, ME lighthouses and walking around Kennebunkport, which was a cute town…..but our least favorite of all the towns we saw.  The first pictures are of Portland Head Lighthouse, and then we saw the infamous Cape Elizabeth (2nd lighthouse pictures.)

All in all ---- would highly recommend a fall foliage trip up to New England if you can do it. We went to Connecticut a few years ago around the same time of year – but it wasn’t even comparable to getting so far up north.

PS: LOBSTER ROLLS ROCK! (Oh and so does blueberry beer, YUM!!)

PPS:  Monday WASN’T actually our last day – our flight got cancelled due to weather again and  we ended up not leaving until Tuesday.   (Dang an extra night!) :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures……they turned out good BUT not even comparable to actually being there.  Sam said he wants to take the kids camping/hiking in Acadia (um, yeah, I’ll be at that B&B we passed on the way there checking out the spa while they HIKE dodging bears!) xoxox – Rachel