Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is a special note to Sam, wishing him a Happy Father's Day!

My kids are blessed to have such a wonderful dad! Here's two pictures of Sam holding the kids when they were just born ... you could just see the love in his eyes! Big thanks for all you do for them (and me) on a daily basis!

Daddy with baby A & baby B!

And on Zach's first day!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

The trip …

Well our trip to Minneapolis is winding down … we’re in our hotel in West Virginia for the final night. We’ve got about 7 hours to go – it was just too much to do in one day.   We are really looking forward to getting home (and having home cooked meals) and getting back into our routine. Plus, Nana will be there when we get home tomorrow!!!   Unfortunately, we both have to work on Monday.  Ugh.

We had a great time in Minneapolis seeing Kay graduate and Ben play baseball … and visiting my family in Wisconsin and friends in Chicago.  (We even have Portillos to bring home…and I had Lou Malnati’s Pizza last night, yeah!)

The kids have been 100X better than we anticipated (thank God to the person who invented CAR TVs!!)  Snacks helped too.  They get a little cranky after about 8 hours, but what’s to be expected, ya know?

The trip wasn’t TOTALLY uneventful … poor Sam got two speeding tickets in Wisconsin – the last one at 1:30 in the morning and only 15 miles from our hotel.  The trooper was a …witch.  With a B.   Funny insert: the trooper asked Sam why he was speeding to which he WANTED to reply “to get there faster, DUH” (but he didn’t say that of course) … and when she wrote him the ticket he tossed it on the dashboard and as we drove away he said “Man she was a b—ch!”  All three kids had just woken up (it was 1:30 in the morning) and they kept saying “man she was a b---ch” until he finally got them to believe he said she was a WITCH.  The (not so) funny thing is that we re-routed our GPS to take us off the highway and through back roads because it was the shortest distance, rather than the fastest time.  Had we not have done that … it’s likely that Sam wouldn’t have gotten that second ticket.  All about choices.

We are afraid Zach’s future might be in the police field – he was the OFFICIAL watcher of the no U-turn signs, no left turn signs, caution signs, are we speeding, etc.  Every U-turn, he was all over Sam about why we were turning around, was there a  no U-Turn sign, etc.  What a goof.

Oh and by the way we got a cracked windshield … just our luck, right, since our car has a cracked windshield too?!   We hit traffic in some areas, but NOTHING like the traffic we hit coming back to Chicago last night … we officially decided there is no way in hedoublehockeysticks could we live with that much traffic anymore.

Just a quick thanks to the friends and family who showed us above and beyond hospitality….as well as our babysitter, Liz, who watched the animals for us this last week.

Well …… Signing out from Huntington, WV ….

Lots of love to all …


PS:  Congrats to our nanny Rachel who got married tonight!

Go Cubs!

Well since the CHICAGO CUBS can’t seem to get a win lately, we were fortunate that we got to see Ben’s baseball team (THE CUBS) WIN on Thursday in Minneapolis.

Ben pitched the first 2 innings and had 5 strike outs and only gave up one run.  (Let me clarify – the one run – it was hit by a kid that was at least twice the size of ALL of the other kids.  He was like Sam’s height!)   Ben was walked twice and he stole 5 bases (UNREAL!)

Anyway, here’s some pictures of the future MLB star :)

IMG_7065 IMG_7027 IMG_7032 IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7035 IMG_7036 IMG_7050 IMG_7054 IMG_7056 IMG_7057

Family time

On our way back from Minnesota we were able to stop in Fond du Lac, WI to visit my family – we had a great afternoon with a picnic and all the kids had a blast playing together.   I loved meeting my niece who I had never met before, and seeing all my other nieces and nephews!   Everyone has gotten so big …. where did the time go??


IMG_7071 - Copy IMG_7077 IMG_7079 IMG_7082 IMG_7083 IMG_7084 IMG_7088 IMG_7107  IMG_7113 IMG_7120  IMG_7124  IMG_7126  IMG_7133

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy shoot … we have a Marley!

Holy shoot, holy crud and dang-it are Zach’s favorite new words. Yes, I know. He’s a potty mouth. However, all three apply to what Marley Willy has done to our steps going upstairs. He has not chewed up ANYTHING … except for this. Of course, this is something that can’t just be replaced – it is going to take a major renovation to fix. We really can’t complain though – he has been a great puppy so far – and he even has a few little tricks now, like sit and shake…..if only we can make him STAY that would be good. My poor neighbor Kurt has been dubbed the dog catcher – every time the dog accidentally gets out (which means every time he pushes the kids aside when they open the front door), Kurt sees me trying to chase he comes to the rescue and gets him back home!

Anyone have any idea on how to get him to stop chewing this?


Sweet home Chicago


On our way to Minneapolis we were able to make a stop “home”  to visit friends … here’s some pictures from the visit. 


Zach’s first roller coaster!

We went to the Mall of America today since the weather was (go figure) gloomy!  Along with the carousel that the girls LOVE, Zach wanted to go on his first roller coaster, the Orange Crush.  He was pretty freaked out, BUT (surprisingly) he didn’t cry! 

Kay and Kory rode a few of the rides too .. got some great pictures.  We also had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe – and if you have been with my blog for awhile, you’ll remember that last year when we took Zach to RFC he cried and cried because he was afraid of the thunder, and the frog.  NOT this time – he thought it was way cool.  Amazing what a year will do to a kid!

Building race cars at Lego Land – he was so serious! IMG_6989

IMG_6990 IMG_6995 IMG_6996 IMG_6999 IMG_6894 IMG_6898 IMG_6908 IMG_6909 IMG_6911 IMG_6917 IMG_6920 IMG_6924 Can you see Zach below – his first roller coaster! IMG_6926 IMG_6929 IMG_6935  IMG_6946 IMG_6951 IMG_6955 IMG_6964 IMG_6972 IMG_6977 IMG_6984 IMG_6985