Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our last trip ... The Homestead

This is kind of a bittersweet post because this will have been our last trip ever as a family.  So kind of sad, but I want to post the pictures from our trip to The Homestead because the kids had SOOOOOO much fun.  They LOVED tubing, sliding down hills, playing in the snow and walking (running) around the incredibly beautiful property. Of course we swam, and had "tea and hot cocoa" in the hotel lobby after coming in from the snow.   It's an amazing hotel ... very historic (from the 1700's)  and numerous presidents and princes and other famous people have stayed there.  If you get the chance and can get to Hot Springs, VA ... I'd definitely recommend checking it out.  (  Here's some pictures in no particular order.......

Enjoy! XO

The tooth fairy has been BUSY ....

So I know my posts have been random and out of order - but it's hard to get caught up when I get so far behind.   So forgive the randomness of my postings.

The tooth fairy has been busy these last few months!

Zach's lost ...3 or 4 (eek, can't remember) and the girls just lost their first tooth this month within a few weeks of each other.  (By the way - can you have any doubt they're mirror identicals?  Avery lost her bottom right and Addie lost her bottom left!)  When I was a little girl the tooth fairy left fifty cents.  Now the tooth fairy leaves a five and the kids know that $5.00 "ain't gonna buy much" and so they contemplate the best way to get more teeth out of their mouth so they can "get something good".  LOL!!!!

Happy tooth-pulling!!!