Thursday, June 30, 2011

The tooth fairy has been BUSY ....

So I know my posts have been random and out of order - but it's hard to get caught up when I get so far behind.   So forgive the randomness of my postings.

The tooth fairy has been busy these last few months!

Zach's lost ...3 or 4 (eek, can't remember) and the girls just lost their first tooth this month within a few weeks of each other.  (By the way - can you have any doubt they're mirror identicals?  Avery lost her bottom right and Addie lost her bottom left!)  When I was a little girl the tooth fairy left fifty cents.  Now the tooth fairy leaves a five and the kids know that $5.00 "ain't gonna buy much" and so they contemplate the best way to get more teeth out of their mouth so they can "get something good".  LOL!!!!

Happy tooth-pulling!!!

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