Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy shoot … we have a Marley!

Holy shoot, holy crud and dang-it are Zach’s favorite new words. Yes, I know. He’s a potty mouth. However, all three apply to what Marley Willy has done to our steps going upstairs. He has not chewed up ANYTHING … except for this. Of course, this is something that can’t just be replaced – it is going to take a major renovation to fix. We really can’t complain though – he has been a great puppy so far – and he even has a few little tricks now, like sit and shake…..if only we can make him STAY that would be good. My poor neighbor Kurt has been dubbed the dog catcher – every time the dog accidentally gets out (which means every time he pushes the kids aside when they open the front door), Kurt sees me trying to chase he comes to the rescue and gets him back home!

Anyone have any idea on how to get him to stop chewing this?


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