Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey, you out there! Stop!!

Want to see something really cool? My blog has a ‘widget’ that captures the location of anyone who views my blog and “pinpoints” their location (which is based on their IP address) on a world map. Of course, it can’t tell me WHO is viewing my blog, but it gives the general location of the person who is or has viewed the blog.

Over the course of this year, people from all of these locations have some way landed on this website: (either a search engine brought them to one of my posts, or they hit “NEXT BLOG” on the main blogger screen).

So if you’re just passing through …. take a minute and say hi….tell me where you’re from! I think it’s very cool that this blog has been seen by people from all over the ENTIRE world (NOT that everyone who stumbles across it are reading my nail-biting posts, of course!!)


Oh and by the way. There is another “widget” that tells me what searches people have done to get to my page. For example, awhile back I blogged about “trophies for participation.” I have had so many people land on that post by doing Google searches with those key words. (Go ahead, try it. I’ll wait.) If you did a search through Google with “trophies for participation” you will see (along with thousands of other web pages with those same key words) a link to my blog / post on the 3rd page of the Google results about half way down). This widget then tells me that someone from Portsmouth, Virginia (which I guess is where my IP address is registering from) searched for “trophies for participation” and clicked the link to my blog. So let me tell you this. If you search for “little girls in panties” and you get on my website (which has happened) you’re a freak and get out of here! It’s interesting to see the searches that people do that brings you to one of my pages. I’ve seen crazy searches like “dirty girls in mud” (that particular freak landed on a page of my girls playing around in the mud after a storm and because I had used those words in my post, and that’s the key words they used for the search …and my blog was one of the “results” that came back.) So….be careful what you wish search for. :)

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