Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Teddy Bear Tea

As you’ve all already know (seeing as I’m going BACKWARDS in my posts to get caught up) the girls started pre-school this year.  We have a FABULOUS nanny who has worked with them so much and has taught them so much, but we did want to get them a year in a school setting before they start Kindergarten….at least for a couple hours a day.

Last week (week before school started) they had an orientation for the kids (AKA Teddy Bear Tea) and the girls got to meet their teachers and look around the classroom (and of course, have a snack…it wouldn’t be “tea” without a snack!!)  

They were so excited to go and they LOVED the class.  So so different than Zach’s Teddy Bear Tea two years before.  At Zach’s Teddy Bear Tea he would hardly leave my side, and we had a massive battle to get uhim to go sit with the other kids. There were, to say the least, lots of tears shed on that very first day. Actually, the first couple weeks of preschool were awful for Zach (and me)….he would scream and cry until his teacher (Mrs. Sharon the Saint) would pull him from me and shoo me out the door and she’d hug him until he calmed down.  Eventually he learned what fun he was having and the meltdowns stopped. Now he is the class clown and social butterfly.  Note: His Kindergarten teacher from last year said Zach was a very good student, a quick learner but his worst problem was he was “popular”.  She said he had so many friends in the class and he never stopped talking.  (Which ………..we were a little leery on believing because he wasn’t so much that way at home, but can now 100% attest to the fact that Zach talks more than anyone we know.  Maybe even more than EVERYONE we know … combined.) 

Anyway, where was I?  (I seem to get side-tracked an awful lot, if you can’t tell!!)  The girls loved their morning at “school” and they got a chance to meet the kids they were going to be in class with (while I got some time to meet their parents.)   I think I posted this in my earlier blog, but it was so amazing to see how they both “split up” once they got in the class room.  Avery headed right for the artsy stuff.  Addie went and sat with the group of kids (mostly boys----eek) that were on the floor playing with Lego.  I would have *thought* they were going to cling to each other just because it felt “safe” but……not the case.  That’s a good thing, though, because I don’t think we’re going to have them put in the same class when they go to primary school next year. 

Anyway of course I had to snap a few photos of the new school girls, which I know you’re all just itching to see:  :) (Smile!!)




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