Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Next on the list….Cul-de-Sac party!!

For the last three years on Labor Day weekend we have had an “end of summer” gathering with all of our neighbors and the kids.   We’ve had so much fun each year and normally once it gets dark, we’ll bring out a movie projector and a big screen and show all the kids a movie “outside”.  They LOVE it.  Unfortunately this year we couldn’t borrow a movie projector so we had a “silly” idea to get a bunch of cans of silly string.  You are wondering, aren’t you, whether the kids had fun with the silly string.  I’ll assure you that of course they did.  However, I would have to say that it was the ADULTS who joined in the “silly string war” that seemed to have the MOST fun!  They were cracking up nailing their kids in the head with the string, chasing their husbands and wives around!!  Who would have guessed it was going to be such a hit …yeah, you should try it at your next “adult” party, I think maybe it is some kind of stress releaser. Heehee!  They were all running around so fast and my camera was on the wrong setting so I didn’t get very good pictures but I’m going to post them here anyway– you get the idea of what was going on even though they’re pretty blurry.  Hysterical!

Even more funny was Sam and his “DJ Booth”!!  He set up his computer on a table covered in a blanket and he connected his external hard drive to his computer that’s got like a zillion songs on it.  He picked up some computer speakers that morning with a sub-woofer-thing and he played requests all evening long!  He even got a DJ job offer (seriously.) The kids LOVED dancing and they all just had a blast.  Sam’s got so many songs in his music collection that he could play just about any song anyone asked for.  Sam even got into the moment for a minute and stood up on his chair (which I have to admit, I was slightly worried was going to fold in) and started dancing to some 80’s dance music.   (And this year, Jen stayed away from the electronics which means that no beer was spilled on Sam’s computer.)  :) <—had to throw that in!! Anyway, pictures are blurry but you can easily tell what a great time everyone was having!!!

We are very fortunate to have GREAT neighbors!!!    And just for the record I wasn’t kidding when I said he was asked if he would DJ an upcoming wedding.  

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