Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Addie’s broken wing …

We took Addison to Children’s Hospital today to get her cast put on from her break on Friday.  She broke her arm right above her elbow, which unfortunately meant a whole arm cast. 

We took Addie to lunch ahead of time and we LOVED spending the one-on-one time with her.  We realized that we have NEVER spent time with the twins individually together.  We have decided we are going to make that a priority as it was so nice to just focus on one for a little period of time – and she loved it too - - - she didn’t know what to do with all the attention! :)

Here’s some pictures of Addie getting her broken wing fixed up.  Notice she chose a “hot pink” cast! 

OH – and I added one I took of Addie and Zach from the night before.  Can you tell that these two are brother and sister or what??


Nice smiles goofballs!


Special lunch at Addie’s favorite place (RED ROBIN) before her appointment.

 IMG_8055 IMG_8057

Taking off her temporary cast



Being goofy waiting for the nurse to come back to put the cast on.


She was watching VERY intently while Daddy helped the nurse!


Nice purple gloves Dad! :)


Almost done!


Just waiting for it to harden before we could leave!

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