Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letter from Santa

Dear Zach, Addie and Avery,

Ho Ho's Santa here all the way from the North Pole! I just wanted to let you know that I got your Christmas lists and my elves have been hard at work trying to make you special presents! Simon has been reporting to me every day and he says that you have been pretty good little boys and girls, but he thinks you still have some work to do on your behavior before I come to your house on Christmas Eve night!

So remember to be good and listen to your Mom and Dad and make sure you clean up your room and put away your toys. No whining or crying and definitely no fighting! Make sure you share and are always kind to others. Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing - be sure that you all stay tucked in your own beds every night! That's one of Santa's most important rules!

Lots of love from the North Pole,

Santa Claus

PS: Don't forget to leave some reindeer food out the roof ... the reindeers get hungry from pulling my sleigh all around the world - especially Rudolph because he leads us with his bright red shiny nose!

See you soon!!

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