Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th!

So, Addison (little Miss googly eye up the nose) was playing "horsey" with the nanny on Friday morning. And managed to fall off the nanny's back! They came upstairs because Addie was crying ... so I took a look and kissed her boo-boo, but since she could bend it I figured she was OK and was just being overly dramatic with the crying (which is pretty normal, especially for Addison!) But she could bend it so I figured all was OK.
By the afternoon when the nanny gave her a bath, she couldn't take having it touched and couldn't bend her arm back at all. We weren't sure if it was broken, or sprained or what - it was a little swollen and there was a bruise. We decided to put her to bed and see how she felt in the morning. About 10:30 I was in the bathtub and I heard her screaming from her room - I went in there and she was in so much pain ... Sam rushed her to the ER - to find that yes, she did break her arm. I believe Sam told me it is the humerus (?) that she broke (the top part) so she will have a full arm cast. (Poor kid, I told her she'd probably get to pick out a really cool color cast). She's in a "temporary" cast now from the emergency room, but we have to take her to an Orthopedic surgeon on Monday where she'll get the real cast.
So despite Zach trying reallllllllly hard to be the first Tramontana with a broken bone (you know by jumping from the top step to the bottom step, flips on the trampoline, jumping off his top bunk, etc.) Miss Addison has won that prize. Here's our poor sweetie right after she came home from the hospital (it was like 12:30 AM - and she was so cheerful and talkative, you would have never thought anything was wrong. Then I learned she got some codeine at the hospital!!!
Wish her well ... we'll update on Monday after we visit Children's!

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