Monday, September 28, 2009

But it’s not McDonald’s hamburgers!

So this is what it looks like when you tell your kids they CANNOT get up from the table until they eat their dinner.  It took Addie about an hour and 15 minutes to finish HALF of her hamburger.  After an hour Avery fell sound asleep.  And after about 45 minutes, we caught Zach slipping pieces of his hamburger to the dog (so he was sent up to his room.)


Later, when I was tucking Zach into bed he told me “Daddy and I hurt his feelings” because we made him go to his room without eating anything.  I explained that it hurts my feelings when I cook something and he doesn’t eat it and that I only make him eat things that I know he likes.  To that he replied, but MOOOMMM, the hamburgers are NOT like the ones at McDonalds.  I tried to tell them that I bought them “from” McDonalds so we could cook them up at home ….. but he saw right through that and said “yeah right, you got them at Farm Fresh.”  Dang, I can’t pull one over on my 5 year old!! 

*Sigh* when does raising kids get easier???


The Marcus Family said...

That's so cute. I can't believe they actually stayed at the table that long!! What the heck did you & hubby do!

Sam and Rachel Tramontana said...

Update to this post - we had NO problems with breakfast, lunch OR dinner this evening! Maybe they learned a lesson?

Oh and Daddy kept giving them "the look" - like you better not even THINK about getting off that chair until you've eaten! LOL