Monday, September 28, 2009

My coupon deal!!!

We have a new (awesome) Harris Teeter that recently opened by us and they often run “triple” coupon sales. I “sometimes” clip coupons, but I’m not faithful about it.  However, after reading how much my coupon-hero Melissa, :) saves, I thought I’d try my hand at it.

This is what I got for $10.37.  I saved a little more than 28.00 with my “triple” coupons.  Not too shabby.  Now I just need to keep it up and keep learning Melissa’s tricks … she often – gets like $100.00 worth of groceries/toiletries/cleaning supplies for LESS than my $10.37.  She rocks!

However, I did feel pretty good about my purchase:


Now, before you get thinking this is impressive (which it pretty much is) …… here’s one of Melissa’s latest deals.


$221.00 of groceries, cleaning supplies, etc. for NEGATIVE $2.01 (with double coupons, rebates, etc.)  Melissa, you’re my hero.

PS:   If you haven’t heard of The Grocery Game – you should check it out.   It takes ALL the work out of coupon clipping and tells you what the current price for a particular item is, the sale price, where in the newspaper there is a coupon (what week and circular it came out) and what the “end” price is.  Every week, there are a dozen items that are FREE if you get it that week, using the coupon they indicate.  Amazing.  (Check out:  It is like 10.00 per store in your area for three months (5.00 for additional stores after the first one) and you get new lists every week when the store sale paper comes out.     You’ll save the 10.00 or 15.00 your first purchase if you follow what she says.  (Only thing is that you need to build up your coupon bank – they may go back to one that was in a circular a month or so ago.)

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