Saturday, October 10, 2009

The training wheels are OFF!

My little baby has OFFICIALLY become a big boy. Not only did he turn five this month. Not only did he start Kindergarten ....he no longer has training wheels on his bike!!! He has been wanting to take them off for awhile and I tried a few months ago but he was definitely not ready so we put them back on. He asked me to take them off again last week, so I did - and we took him to a grassy field (figuring it hurts less when he falls) one night this week ... and wham! He can ride his bike!!!
There was even more excitement in our cul-de-sac this week, Zach's buddy from across the street (Brody) also learned how to ride his bike without training wheels on the same day!
What's next? The keys to the car??? Why does time have to go by so fast?

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