Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're in Frisco, Baby!

We arrived yesterday at the beautiful Fairmont hotel ... to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in our room....yeah! We walked around Pier 39 area and then came back to the hotel for the surprise massages I booked for us. Double yeah! We had dinner at The Cliff House - which is a restaurant built into a ... cliff! (LOL right?) It was right on the ocean with GORGEOUS views ... we got to watch the sunset from our window seat ... nice!

Here's some pictures from yesterday. We're going to Alcatraz Island this morning, then we're heading to Golden Gate Park and meeting up with a local photographer to have our pictures taken. I figure we've NEVER had our pictures taken by someone else, what a better environment (Sam's favorite place!!) We're off to the baseball game after that ....should be a great day!

Here's some pictures we took from yesterday ... should be lots more to come!

Some of the seals that flop up on this dock area ... very funny

Alcatraz Island

And of course, the GG Bridge


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The Marcus Family said...

i love san fran...i wanted to live there before. i love everything about it (other than the driving!!!!!). we used to go almost every year...hope you two are enjoying your alone time. cute couple pictures!