Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can I get a whoop whoop??!!

I went to a spinning class today with Sam ... and I finished the whole thing. (I wasn't able to totally keep up, but I made it the whole 60 minutes!) And I LIKED it, yay!!

Maybe if I keep that up I'll lose weight and sizes like Sam has. He's lost about 25 lbs. since January and TWO FULL sizes in his jeans/pants. He looks incredible!!!!



The Marcus Family said...

i'm trying to figure out how to "follow" people blogs and I saw you follow mine...can you help me?? lol my cousin has an actual link on her page that I just had to click. when i typed the URL for your page in by hand it said it didn't recognize the link. gahhh, blogspot annoys me sometimes...esp with posting pictures!!

The Marcus Family said...

you are a genius. i LOVE writer. well, i saw that prematurely since i haven't actually blogged but i tested it out and it worked well. i just don't have any pictures to post right now so i have to wait, haha THANKS!!