Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well, it didn’t go so well ….

Zach's first official Tball game did NOT go so well for him. Poor kid cried most of the time (I want my momma!) Slightly embarrassing because none of the other kids were crying. The odd thing is that he's NOT a shy kid. If he is in his element (school, home, MCDONALDS, etc.) he will play with other kids and has NO fear. If he is anywhere near me ... he cries for Mommy. Any ideas how I stop the 'Momma's boy" thing? I'm not THAT easy on him, I mean come on - I had him in a 30 minute time out last week. It started with a 4 minute time out, and every time he kept saying anything or throwing toys from the basket on the floor, it was minutes tacked on. I made him sit there the whole time, and I've been using 1-2-3-and following through on my "threats" of discipline (like no PS3, etc.) So I don't know what else to do. It's obviously my fault??

Today @ the park he kept saying he was afraid. I asked of what he said "everyfing". Hmm. I left after the 1st inning because me being there caused it to be worse unfortunately. Sam said he did hit the ball hard and into the outfield a couple times, and even got a "home run". Pretty exciting, but we'll see how he does next week. I think he just needs to get used to new people, people other than "dad" coaching the team. Or he might be too young for it. I don't know. I hope he ends up liking it because he's SOOOO cute in his baseball uniform.

After I left, Sam said he eventually did better - and by the end was actually having FUN. He loved going to the concession stand to get a "drink" (he picked diet Coke, LOL). That was pretty cool, and he talked about his baseball drink the whole way home.


   328 329 333 334 335 340  343 344 345

Showing off his moves @ home before we leave …


349 351 352 354 333360 Warm up

361 363




He wasn’t really happy to bat – but he hit it hard when he did.  He did, however, forget to “run” to 1st base. He walked.

   399 386387  388

He wasn’t really happy about playing 3rd base either ….

389 390 392 393

A ball comes his way … and he picks it up ….

394 395

And then he decides not to throw it …..

397 398 

Holding on to the ball … throw it Zach!  No I’ll just drop it right here.


I’ll keep you posted on our progress...hopefully the next games goes better! :)



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