Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring of Love….

Well, the “Summer of Love” was in 1968 where the Dead, Jefferson Airplane and the Doors hung out at the corner of Haight & Ashbury playing their music and just “bein’ free”. 

We went there yesterday and I don’t imagine it’s changed ALL that much.  There were old hippies, young hippies, people selling drugs and sitting in the park getting high, LOL, it was definitely like a time warp! (Funny thing – we went there specifically to get a picture of the “Haight + Ashbury” street signs.  BUT THEY WERE ALL GONE!  Yep, they apparently get stolen! 

We had lunch down there at an awesome Mexican hole-in-the wall before doing a little shopping (remind me to post a picture of the dresses we got for the girls – OMG) and then headed onto Golden Gate Park.   (BTW, my sweet husband made me, Miss Lazy, walk the whole way.  Gosh!)  <—just kidding!  

We took some really great “nature” photos in the park – the flowers were all in bloom and it was just beautiful. 

Here’s a couple of pics ….


I thought the “hippies” in the park getting high were so funny – nobody was bothering them (like the POLICE), they were just going about their business – they weren’t even trying to hide it!   playing their guitars and harmonicas, etc.  We even had one girl ask us if we wanted to buy mushrooms, LOL! 

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!



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