Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monterey & Carmel … loved it!

Here's some pictures of Monterey and Carmel that we visited today. We went over the GG Bridge and into Sausalito but we were there pretty early and not much was open – so we just headed out to Monterey. I have to say I LOVED Carmel - the little "Carmel-by-the-sea" area with the shops and restaurants was great! We sat in an outside patio garden and had a bottle of wine just watching the people go by and chatting with the owner of the place. (It was called Porta Bella .... and it was so great, they allow dogs on the front and garden dining areas .... reminded me of being in Germany! Even some of the shops you'd see people with their dogs inside....very cool!) The drive was GORGEOUS to say the least. We stopped in Monterey first and then on to Carmel.

Here's some pictures that we took. I haven't touched anything up yet, but you get the gist! ;) On our way back (after dinner at the Hog’s Breath – formerly owned by Clint Eastwood, lol) we got to see some more beautiful costal scenery including another AMAZING sunset. *Sigh* if only we could win the lottery….we’d love to live here.

We really had a great trip, the Fairmont service was AWESOME – don’t know if I told you this or not, but on our first night here, I arranged to have rose petals delivered while we were out to dinner. They were everywhere, and including all over the bed in the shape of a heart. *Awww*. The reason I arranged this was because of a funny story that took place 5 years ago …. the first time Sam and I spent the night together at a hotel … it was Valentine’s Day of 2003. He’d taken me to see the Blue Man Group, then we stayed at a wonderful hotel in downtown Chicago … and while I was in the bathroom changing when we came back to our room, he asked me to give him a minute before I came out. Well, when I did, there were rose petals everywhere. The first thing that came to my mind (AND I SAID THIS…>UGH) was “OMG who’s going to clean this up??” So I arranged for rose petals … I figured I got it wrong the first time, so this made up for it. (Just FYI, the next day, we found out I was pregnant with Zach after I spent the entire next day trying to find a bathroom ….. thinking I had a bladder infection!) LOL!!! Just thought I’d share a funny story with you all! :)

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