Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 2 years!

We had our neighbors, Jen & Kurt, over for dinner on Saturday ... and we realized ... it was exactly the day two years ago that we bought our house here in VA!!!

The funny thing, when we first moved in Zach was 3 and the twins were just turning 1 ... and Jen and Kurt's kids were also 3 (just turning 4) and 1. (How lucky were we to buy a house with neighbors that had kids the same age as our?!) Our twins and their little boy were still in cribs and both of our bigger ones went to bed nice and early and STAYED in bed.
We had it MADE. We realized pretty early on that our baby monitors WORKED between houses because they're so we could go to their house while our kids were sleeping to play games, etc. or they could come over (our houses are just a few steps away.) But.....if we heard any rumbling on the monitor we'd be able to go home in a few seconds and see what was up (usually in our case - a lost pacifier!!) However, now ... of course that would never in a million years work now that they're older, lol. We just can't believe how fast the time has gone!
Anyway, just thought I'd post that it's been TWO YEARS since we've lived here (which as you guys know is pretty good for us relocaters!) :)



The Marcus Family said...

you have a gorgeous house! =)

TheAkersFam said...

We're so happy to have you all right across the street... and just think... the day will come when our kids will be old enough that we will feel okay leaving our kids to go across the street! Yipppeeeee!