Thursday, January 15, 2009

The twins are famous....well, sort of....

Do you remember awhile back the twins did some modeling for a baby clothes spring line? Well....the catalog is out and a virtual copy can be found here at:

Click on Collections and scroll down to page 10 of the catalog for the Maddie collection. OMG, did the pictures turn out cute. I asked the girls which of the dresses they wanted me to order and they each wanted the one that they modeled....not the same dresses (and they usually have to "match") The clothing line is ADORABLE and the owner of the company, Linde, is a total sweetheart. Her clothes are all handmade by a group of people that work for Linde, the products are organic and durable and I can tell you that they are HIGH QUALITY. I would have never guessed it was hand made - or maybe I would have - because the stuff you get at the store always seems so mass produced. She has a very high standard set for her company (

Check out her website and keep her in mind if you have any kids, relatives, etc. to buy presents for in the upcoming months. Linde has been trying to build her business up and she sells her clothing and "blankie" line in botique children's stores only. My friend Kristina is the one who did the photography and the person who suggested Linde ask me to use my kids in her catalog. If nothing else write to Linde from her webpage to get a copy of the catalog to see the clothes more close, they really are adorable. The baby blankets she sells are amazing too.

Oh, and if you're interested, the girl who took the photos for the catalog is Kristina Whitman. She's an awesome photographer - NONE of these pictures were staged.....not a single one. She totally worked each "session" around the kids, letting them walk around, explore a new area, play, run, jump, walk.....she had toys to make them laugh ... but there was ZERO posing. Her website is:

Have a good night everyone!

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