Sunday, January 18, 2009

And the twins make ... FIVE.

That's five in one bed. Yes....they have OFFICIALLY started "creeping" out in the middle of the night and into Mommy and Daddy's bed. Zach has always done it - he comes in sometime in the middle of the night .... and shortly after....Avery now makes her way in. A few hours later ... Addison magically appears somehow. Add Gracie (the 17 lb. cat) to the mix, and you've got one CROWDED bed!
So Sam and I are talking about it this weekend (and of course I can't possibly take it a minute longer and I'm thinking we've got to figure out a way to keep them in their beds even if we have to shackle them there because neither of us have had a GOOD nights sleep in ... I don't even remember) but the girls just snuggle right up to him in the night and the morning - and he tells me he's actually feeling a little "nostalgic" ....that this is the last time he's going to have babies and them creeping into bed and snuggling like this (they've got him so wrapped around their little fingers!!). :) Ok, that's really sweet, and we've got a king size bed, and it really wouldn't be THAT bad because they come in usually pretty late (2-3am-ish) but they do not sleep straight up and down. They sleep side ways and back ways and any way but STRAIGHT ways. So the three of them take up three fourths of the bed, and Sam and I barely have enough room ...and that's sleeping on our side! <-- And that isn't a joke!! So... if I'm cranky and tired ... you know why! :) Just know that I was fighting for a sliver of bed space!! I've actually set up an emergency pillow/blanket on the couch in the sitting room that's attached to our bedroom, and when it gets too crowded because one kid is laying at the end of the bed upside down, and one is laying horizontally, and one is in the middle ... I'll just move over there. My next move....might be to THEIR bedroom! (What do you think they'll do then? Follow?)
Oh, and I forgot to mention....Avery is ATTACHED to this little tiny unicorn (she calls it "baby u-i-corn") and if she can't find it when she comes from her room to ours, one of us has to go on a hunt to find it (usually under her bed) At that point we TRY to put her back in her bed, but that doesn't fly. So she trots along our bed, and then God Forbid if she wakes up later in the night and has lost "baby unicorn" again in our bed ... with all the blankets and feet and hands and heads .... it's a disaster! Addie has some bunnies that she's gotten attached to (to fall asleep) but she doesn't need them if she wakes up in the night. Avery is so attached to the unicorn (which is the size of a Little People...maybe 1 inch tall?) that I got a second "emergency" unicorn this weekend ... because every night before bedtime we're on a unicorn hunt!! (Unfortunately, it's not like a stuffed animal that is at least a little "big" ... if this thing is 1 inch tall it's a stretch. It gets lost EVERYWHERE (under beds, couches, in toy boxes, in blankets, sheets, bathrooms, bedrooms, the laundry, her pajamas ...) So a unicorn hunt can be extreme if we lose track of it during the day. Addison can get to bed with something else if she can't find her favorite bunnies, but we seriously have to toss the house for the unicorn or Avery will scream until we do. The unicorn - it's worse than when she had a paci ... because she'd take "any" paci ... she only wants "BABY UNICORN" ... you can't give her a kitty or a bunny or any other little toy that's the same size has to be "BABY UNICORN" ... and trust me, she can tell even in the dark! We seriously find ourselves saying to each other "do you have baby unicorn, no do you, ok you got it, put it in your pocket?" throughout the day ... just to make SURE we know where it is at all times! Our Nanny even has a "spot" where she puts them before she leaves at the end of the day to make sure we have them after she's gone, because it's been more than once that I've called her and asked if she had any idea where Avery had "baby unicorn" last because I couldn't find it. *CRAZY* what they get attached to!!!
Anyway, just thought I'd share my pain! :)


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