Monday, January 19, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new....

1/20/2009...end of an error....
Ok, that's my favorite bumper sticker saying. :)

I am very excited to watch our President Elect, Barack Obama, being sworn in tomorrow. I will admit that I am one of the (probably millions) of people who usually don't take the time to actually *watch* the inaugural ceremonies or have really cared all that much. Yeah, I have ALWAYS voted, since the day I could. But ... new president, sworn in ... okay ... big deal. But this time..... I think it's exciting on so many levels! I know there are many "skeptics" out there (won't mention any names Sam) (smile) who think it's a lot of "hoopla" but this is HISTORY...and we're a part of it!!! This is exciting!
I'm also excited to see Bush get out of office. Not so much see a "Republican" leave because as much as you all think I'm TOTALLY "LEFT" ...I'm really more in the middle with a pretty prominent sway left. :) I have voted Republican (I voted for GWB the first tme!!) and I likely will vote Republican again in my life. I try to vote for the best candidate. I recently have read several articles that have said Bush will be labeled as the "worst President ever." I find that interesting. (Here's one): I've really been more interested in this campaign than ever, and I don't know if it's because I have kids now, and their future is at stake (education, homeland security, right to choose, etc.) but I'm definitely trying to be more aware of the "issues" and I'm much more interested than I've ever been before. I think this presidency, has been horrific for the 4229 soldiers who have lost their lives (and their families) for a war that we keep fighting ... for reasons that 90% of the population (including the country we're fighting for) can't understand anymore. It's unimaginable that we're fighting a war that we not only can't justify anymore (or really, if you look at the actual facts - ever really could ), but can't afford (not to mention the country we're fighting for....currently has a budget in the black...unlike ours!!) It is awful what this administration has done to our reputation and relations with the UN ... and other countries ... we may very well BE the world's "great power" but we don't need to bully every other country and tell them WHAT TO DO just because we think we "CAN". Barack Obama has a lot of relationship "mending" to do.

All I can say is at the end of the day ... I hope Barack Obama does what he says and is truly all that he says he stands for and believes in. If he is, this country can not do anything but prosper. I know that he uses some things - like his background, how hard he's had to work to get where he's at, etc. as a "highlight" (so it comes off sounding cheesy...or rehearsed sometimes) but....HE SHOULD. We all should be proud of our accomplishments and he should use every bit of any highlight in his life to his advantage if it will help him bring us, and our families, a better way of living.

Anyway, whatever you think - it's all up to you to decide what to do from here. Barack Obama has made it clear that the choice is up to the people to make things happen ... and that we can't ALL sit back and let the folks in Washington run this country.

Please note: These comments are the opinions of the BLOG AUTHOR (me) and may not represent others in the household. :)

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