Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You say YOUR kids have tantrums??? Ha!

Umm, well only my fellow parents of "multiples" will fully be able to understand this video ... but this is what it's like when twin 2 1/2 year olds are having a tantrum. Over Red Robin balloons. (That they want to take to bed, only their Mommy and Daddy won't let them because they are concerned for their safety. Sheesh, of all things...I don't know how we could be such mean and rotten parents!!) You'll notice that not even a "STOP IT" from Daddy doesn't stop the tantrum. LOL. Oh the joys of twins.

So I wanted to share my pain with you all. Welcome to our world, and enjoy!


PS: Of course, I post this video in true fun. With every tantrum - over balloons or lost "TATER TOTS" or whatever.... are equally funny moments and things they say or do. They truly make us laugh more often than make us crazy. Last night, Nana asked Addie (who was flipping through a book) for a kiss goodnight. Addie turned to Nana and said, "I'm busy right now." <-- Though I have to think back to what she's wanted that I've obviously told her I was "too busy" to do. They've been NOT wanting to go to bed lately (keeping each other up - sharing a room!!) and so last night (after Nana had gone in there) they were laying in one bed and I was rubbing their backs (trying to help get them sleepy because it was like 10:30!!!!!!!) and Addie was dozing off and Avery picked up a toy from her bed - a lightstick that she had gone to bed with....and I quickly but GENTLY smacked her hand and the lightstick down to basically say NO without having to say anything because I didn't want to wake Addison ... and she did a little quiet sob for a second and about two or three minutes later Addie puts her head up and says "don't do that to Avewey Mommy!!!" I had to put my face in the pillow not to laugh. They are SOOOO protective over each other, even Zach will defend his sisters if they are getting in trouble for something and try to play it off like they weren't really doing something bad - or weren't doing it on purpose (like "Dadddd, she didn't KNOW!") If Zach has to go to time out, one or both of his sisters will typically follow him to "keep him company"....which is probably NOT good.

A funny thing Zach said today .... well, let me preface the comment with the "STORY". As you know, Grace here (AKA...ME) tends to be a little klutzy. In addition to my klutziness and lack of grace, I apparently have lost my sense of depth perception. I had gotten Zach out of the car from pre-school yesterday, and I went to open the front passenger car door to get my bag and our lunch, and I apparently didn't step back far enough (don't ask me how!!), and I rammed the corner of door into my nose. I mean, HARD. I immediately dropped what was in my hands and had a bloody nose, etc. Zach was sort of like OMG Mommy, you're bleeding, are you OK! Today, I got him out of the car from pre-school and he said very seriously "Mommy, step back to the grass, I'm going to close the car door so you don't hurt yourself." Kids truly say the funniest things, and he was seriously worried about me. He keeps checking my nose, which has a big scratch going from the inside down ... and it hurts like a ............well, let's just say it hurts pretty doggone bad. (My initial word was quite inappropriate to post on a family blog!!!) LOL....!

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