Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hit and Run? Umm, nope!

Ok, so we have a new-found faith in mankind. :)

As some of you know, about a month ago someone hit our truck at Zach's soccer game. They didn't just 'bump' into it - they hit it HARD ... it's going to cause the whole bumper to have to be replaced (of course it's all one piece....because even though it looks like it's all separate pieces....why would they do a thing like that??!!)
<--------- See ?

We were so ticked off that someone hit the car THAT hard and left ... we drove through the Churchland soccer parking lot to try to find the "matching" culprit (no luck) and have stewed about it over the last month (just mad that someone would do that!)


Today, a MONTH later, a guy walks up to Sam as he and Zach are walking up to the field for Zach's game and says "does that silver Jeep belong to you?" Sam says yes, and he asks if it was hit about a month ago in the soccer parking lot ... and Sam replies that it was .... and the guy says "here is my Dad's information .... he hit your car but was having a diabetic episode so he had to drive off, and We've been looking for you at the fields since." So he gave Sam a paper with his Dad's information (name, insurance, etc.)
Ok, now, if we were rich I wouldn't run this through this guys insurance (and I'm really glad we hadn't done anything about it through ours of the blessings of having three toddlers - you're always BUSY) because I am SOOOOO completely AMAZED that a month later this person came forward.
I guess there are a few good people left in this crazy world! (Just kidding!!)


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