Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Annual Wellington Halloween Parade

Our little neighborhood does an annual "Halloween parade" where the kids meet at a designated spot, there is a police escort and they parade around the neighborhood in their costumes for all to see....and end up in a cul-de-sac for costume contest, prizes (for everyone) and refreshments! The kids love it and they had a great time this year too. Here's some pictures of our little Dolphins squad!

Gooooooooo Dolphins!

Runnin' for a TD.....

Mox getting into the spirit of things!

Ok she's tired now, catching a ride back home with the girls...
Having some fruit punch...
Lining up for the costume contest.....the girls didn't win anything this year, though I thought they looked pretty dang cute!
I think they're all going to be heart breakers, but I have a feeling that Zach's sisters aren't going to be able to date....he's going to protect them big time!!!
We'll have MORE pictures of them in their costumes.....Zach has a Halloween parade at school on Thursday and then our trick-or-treating is on Friday. At least they're getting good wear out of them this year!
Have a great night everyone! See ya!!!


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