Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Shoot.

Or shot. Or I should say FIFTEEN shots.
Yep, my poor, sweet little cookies each got FIVE shots today, plus a flu mist - which is basically a flu-shot in nasal form. Let's just say they were NOT happy campers.
The girls were behind in their shots because when they went for their 2 year check up they were sick so they couldn't get them, and they actually still had one shot to get from their one year visit. Ouch!! They cried, and then they were fine ... once they got a sticker and a lolli-pop! Zach on the other hand....played the "I'm hurt card" a little more ('cause he knows his Momma??) Though he did tell me he took the band-aids off "all by himself" today. He asked a lot of questions tonight at bedtime - "why did I have to get the shots" I replied "so you don't get sick with serious diseases". "What's a disease, Mom?" "A really bad sick that you can't get rid of. The shots help so you don't get that kind of sick." "Do I have diseases?" "No Zach, you don't." "Do you?" Lots of questions at this age....he promptly went on to asking about Mr. Freeze in his Batman Lego game (his new favorite favorite thing ....we bought it for the PS3, and he plays with Daddy ----- and he's AMAZING at it. You should see this 4 year old, with this controller that looks too big for his hands, punching out the bad guys, zipping around, flying, building things ... and he doesn't even need to look at which buttons to press - triangle or square or circle ... he knows which ones to press for which thing. I can't even operate the PS3 controller that well!)
Anyway, funny story --- Nana and I were driving back from the doctor with the girls and Addison says "Mom, I have good news and bad news". HUH??????? LOL, I said "did she just say that??" I said "OK Addie, what's the bad news?" She replied, "My leg hurts" I said "yes, that's because of the shots, and you know you got those to keep you healthy" and then I said "well, what's the bad news" and she says "I dunno". Where the heck would she get THAT one, I have good news and Ihave bad news. I swear these kids keep us laughing all the time.
Anyway, fortunately shots have not affected our kids in any way (as of yet) ... so after nap/quiet time...they were ready to go and we had a good old time carving our pumpkins. Well, Mommy and Daddy carved pumpkins while the kids played and jumped in the leaves (so much for family pumpkin carving.....LOL).
Have a great night!!

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The Marcus Family said...

haha he can play batman lego with billy. that's his choice of game at the moment, too =)