Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogs can change lives...

Hey everyone,
I am nominating a little guy named "C" who has been battling cancer for two years now. He is only 4. He has a twin brother who is there with him every minute of every day supporting him, praying with him, comforting him and trying to understand what is going on. "C" and his family live in Iowa, and he's in relapse and is currently going through some rounds of Chemotherapy with some expert doctors in NYC. The family stays at the very generous Ronald McDonald House when they have to go to NY for the treatments, since this has been a huge financial burden on the family, as you can imagine. "C's" wonderful mom "P" writes on "C's" Cainbridge CarePage (a blog basically) an update on the family and mostly what is going on with "C" (how his blood counts are, next steps, etc.) Where she finds time for it, I don't know, but I'm guessing it's a way for her to ...release everything. I have never seen a family so tight and close....they are just wonderful, and I admire their spirit tremendously. I've been reading their care page for about 6 months, and the amount of love that pours in from not only their family .... but from complete strangers (like me!) across the country is truly inspiring. This little boy is a joy, he doesn't complain and he is so darn cute you want to pinch his cheeks. He has to go in for a blood transfusion tomorrow on Halloween so no trick or treating (His mom says they've never gotten to go trick-or-treating!)

So I'm nominating sweet "C" for this contest which is to win a PSP bundle that would hopefully keep his mind off being poked next time he's at the hospital for any extended visits. If "C" should win, I am going to raise enough money separately to buy his twin brother also "C" one they can play side-by-side when he's all curled up to "C" as he's getting a treatment done.
Parents - "P & S" .. I hope this is OK with you all. You little guys are so great....this is such a small drop in the bucket but I think it would put a smile to their faces.

Side note to PlayStation - thanks for doing this for the kids. This is such a noble cause. And my favorite blog 5 Minutes for you guys are awesome.


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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh {{{HUGS}}} to you and to sweet little C and his brother C!!!