Monday, October 6, 2008


Here's some pictures of the girls horsing around - Daddy must have taken these because I never even saw them until I downloaded the pictures, and I have to say they're mighty cute....and a pretty clear depiction of what a day with twins looks like. (One is usally on top of the other wrestling for something.) Heehee, actually it's not that bad. I would have to say, the twins are truly easier than Zach. Seriously. I think that it's a girl/boy thing at this age - that's what I've heard anyway. They have their moments, trust me. Avery can throw a tantrum that will last an hour -seriously she can cry and kick the floor and scream for an hour straight. And she does NOT forget what she is tantruming about. (Yes, a Rachel word!) She may calm down but two hours later she will STILL remember the lollipop that you did NOT get her at the grocery store! Addie is EASILY consoled but she has got the scream of a can console her if your eardrums don't burst first!
But they really do love playing with each other - I'd have to say their favorite games to play together are "baby" (one will be the baby in a laundry basket and the other will push the basket and cover the "baby" with kitchen towels - never, ever blankets, ALWAYS kitchen towels. ) and they love to play with their kitchen - if you ask them to make you dinner, they will come back with a plate of spaghetti, a drink, and a slice of cake! :) What's great is you can keep doing that for an hour - they'll go and make you something else- and if you really need a couple minutes ask them for something they will have to look for. Like ... I'd like some bacon with my eggs. So they will look through all the food until they find the "bacon". Heeheee!!

Here we are, so sweet and innocent.

Yikes be careful! Ben --- what are you teaching them??? (Smile!!)

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