Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach!

We had Zach's birthday party a few weekends ago - and we thought we'd try doing something a little different this year - we decided to have a magician!

First let me say, the kids LOVED it. He was a perfect little kid's magician and really got the kids into it. Zach got to be the "helper"....and he even made the little white bunny appear with his very own magic wand. This was the first real magic show for most of the kids, so they were pretty excited --- and even some of the parents were getting into it too. (Smile!!)

My camera must have been on some funky setting because every picture we have is pretty crummy - but there were a few cute shots and I had to get Zach blowing out his candles. In addition to his "magic show" - I put "magic candles" on his cake ... which REALLY confused him, and he thought was rather funny - the first 4 or 5 times (then I think he got a little concerned!!) (And I had to serve the cake from the opposite side because with all the blowing...I was pretty sure there was some spitting too! LOL)

Oh one other mention - Zach wanted a "Transformers" party. Don't ask me why he's into the Transformers - but he walks around saying "Transformers, more than meets the eye" so much that his sisters now say it! Well, I called the grocery store bakery where I got both of their cakes last year (that were WAY cute) and asked if they had a Transformer cake. Sure do, it is the "Optimus Prime" (Ohhhkay!) cake. So I went ahead and ordered it, and upon pick up...I was quite disappointed, mostly I guess because I don't really LIKE Transformers so it wasn't cute or anything and it had this big glob of red icing that I guessed was supposed to be the flames on the side of the car/body, and a pretty cheezy cardboard "Transformers" paper. Well, this blog that I love - happened to feature OPTIMUS PRIME cake wrecks last week (Thanks for pointing that one out Jen ...and it was funny you mentioned it - I hadn't seen it yet and Sam thought we should send it as a "wreck!"!) LOL!!

Anyway - onto the pictures. There's just a couple but I'll tell you the kids all had a really fun time! Next year, I'm getting a picture of each child as they walk in. Since I can never seem to get them all together. :) But for the record, we had: Brody & Seth, Abbey & Emily, Adam & Travis, and Ethan!!

Um yeah, you want me to wear the wizard hat? Not cool, dude. :) He wouldn't wear the wizard hat or cape.

Ethan petting the bunny ...
Abby petting the bunny and you can see that Addie is so excited about the bunny - look at her hands on her face! Heehee!!!


Gosh Darnit...those dimples get me every time. Oops there I go, I'm startin' to quote my gal!

First attempt.....

Hmm, that's strange.

Ok 3rd attempt. This is really odd.

Look at the wind coming out of those cheeks! Heheeeee!!! He was taking it SERIOUS that time!

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