Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My cup is half full today

Someone recently told me that I can be very negative....always pointing out the negative when we have so much positive in our lives. I think that it's really easy to think that our cup is half empty when we have a crappy day at work, when things don't go our way, our kids are being bratty, when our checking account is lower than we want and our bills are higher.

But. I watched something heartbreaking today. And I realized I am luckier than the people every day who are told that their child has cancer. More lucky than the thousands of parents living with kids who have this HORRIBLE disease. We are blessed - BEYOND blessed - lucky, fortunate - however you want to look at it - that our kids are happy and HEALTHY. We have not had to face something like this. And for that I have to say I am thankful.

I follow the Cainbridge Carepage of Coleman Larson. He's a little boy (a twin) from Iowa who has brain cancer. His wonderful family post almost daily updates about his treatment, how he's doing, etc. He is currently in New York with his family (parents and twin brother) staying at RMD House and getting treatment as it sounds like his tumor has returned and is growing - this is what Coleman's mom, Peggy writes:
Speaking of scans, we saw Coleman’s latest yesterday. Remember “mr.spot” that has been hanging out for so long? What has it been, since December of last year? Well, he decided to take a little growth spurt last month…and now you can see some of what they call “candy coating” or “sugar coating” of cancer cells spread out on some of the brain areas, and the spine as well. That’s what cancer does…it lies and cheats-it doesn't play by any rules. It's a nasty, dirty opponent…Looking at those scans was like looking into the face of the devil. Ugly, ugly, ugly stuff, in our smart, beautiful little boy's brain, and we want it GONE!
The latest post contains a video of Coleman getting his chest port taken out because before they give him his latest round of Chemo they want him to heal from a surgery he had this week where they put another port in his head for some future treatment. The video shows this brave, brave little boy getting this tube taken out of his chest, and it is HEARTBREAKING. I tell you - for any negative thoughts I have, I need to reassess what truly is "negative" in my life. We - I - don't have it bad. This family, these people - they've got it bad. I cannot - positively cannot imagine watching my child go through this, and seeing him be so brave - it's just - indescribable.
You've got to watch this video, and if you want, I can tell you how to sign up to Coleman's carepage - you can watch his progress and follow his family through their journey of hell....and hopefully back. It's inspiring to know that there are people out there from all over - many strangers - that visit Coleman's carepage and leave comments and messages of hope and concern. Seeing things like this, more so than just reading the posts, chill me to the bone - and make it more of a "reality" - which is why I'm sure Coleman's mom, Peggy, put it out there - so that more and more people become aware and help fight the fight.

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