Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do you have a "Hula Hooper" in your house?

Zach loves to hula-hoop. He loves doing it on the WII Fit, but he really loves doing it with a REAL hula-hoop. And he gets it going - like 10 times around he little waist/'s hysterical! Our neighbors can't believe such a little guy can hula (and keep it going)!

Here's Zach in "action" ... also a couple other pictures from him playing outside tonight.

He was riding the neighbors big wheel (Zach's bike is broken - poor guy all he wants to do is pedal!!) Daddy get his bike fixed!!
He was racing Ethan (right) across the street and back (like 25 times ... funniest thing.) His little legs were pedaling that big wheel as fast as it could POSSIBLY be pedaled! Zach loves where we live because there are so many kids he gets to play with every day!

Well, have a great night everyone.....I should probably get some sleep. The pain meds I'm taking for my neck (WHICH STILL HURTS, by the way ---- so can I get an AWWWW) keep me UP instead of making me tired. Wonder why.

Anyway -

Hugs & Kisses x0x0x0x0x

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