Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great Pumpkin....

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch yesterday (Hunt Club Farms in VA Beach). We had a great time - there was a few different petting zoos (roosters and hens, llamas, goats, peacocks - though we didn't get near those --- they kept running away, lol) tons of bouncy things, play sets (it's actually at the same place where we bought our Rainbow play set), huge piles of hay to play in and kiddie rides, games, pony rides and of course hay rides - oh and pumpkin picking!

The kids HAD A BLAST! They loved every minute of it, and we only lost them a couple that wasn't bad. (Kidding?) For 10 bucks / kid you got to go into the petting zoos as many times as you wanted, do all the bouncy things, hay rides, play on the jungle gyms.....and lots of other things. Not a bad deal for 10.00......and you could have brought your own picnic lunch ... and really have made an all day thing out of it. FYI: I LOVED the fact that all the animal petting places they had Purrell sanitizer available so after the kids were done petting the animals and feeding them - they were able to sanitize their hands.

Here's just a couple of the shots of them ...I did photobucket so you all didn't have to scroll, keep scrolling, keep scrolling (see how I think about you guys!)

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