Sunday, September 14, 2008

Date night?

Almost forgot what that was like!


Sam took me to Cheesecake Factory tonight for my "official" birthday dinner - that's where I've been dying to go - and we had a great dinner, though we did sit at the bar because it was an hour wait ... already at 6:00! They don't know anything about portion control there - both of our entrees had two full chicken breasts and Sam's dessert could have fed 6 people easy, maybe more. Seriously, so much good food has to go to waste there. I had vanilla bean Cheesecake........yum. I was going to take a piece home for our nanny - they had this chocolate cake I know she would have loved but it would have been all melted by the time we were done with the movie. One thing however my delicious (and I mean YUMMY) martinis did NOT go to waste there! Ha!!

Speaking of the movie - we saw Brad & George's new juncture.......Burn after reading..... It's a Coen Brothers movie (guys who did Fargo) all I have to say - it was frickin' hysterical. :) It was very serious and hysterical too. Brad Pitt plays a character you're just not used to seeing him play ... very funny.

Well it's 1:00 AM so I should hit the sack. Sam's already sound asleep. (bummer!)

Catch ya later!!!



PS: Are any of you guys going to Disney on Ice or the Disney Playhouse thing?


The Marcus Family said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment -- it's nice to find out who actually reads =)

I'll let Lori know you say hello!

Liz said...

Date night is always fun but it is rough when you like to drink wine but you're pregnant... then you breast feed.... I guess I'm looking at another year before I get to have a nice romantic dinner out with my hubby with wine! :)

Thanks for the add to your favorite links and welcome to 411mommy. You're "hive" is super cute!!

Hugs and loves,

The Mom said...

Oooh - FINALLY just had a date night, and let me tell you it's so important to remember to have one every once and a while! Thanks for the follow and Happy Birthday!