Monday, September 15, 2008

Do we have a future NFL star on our hands?

Well I don't have to wonder where Zach gets his interest in sports. If it's not his Dad ... it's definitely his brother Ben!

Ben plays baseball, hockey and football ... which are three incredibly competitive sports in Minnesota...and he does all three very well, but he does exceptionally well in football, which doesn't break his dad's heart any!! (Smile!!)

Here's Ben's latest football picture off the press!

He looks so grown up and serious here...he's going to be twelve in another month (twelve! unreal!!)

Zach's got a lot to look up to as he gets bigger ... and I think he'll have fun as he gets older and gets to go out and visit and see Ben play in his games! Dad's going out in a couple weeks to see Ben play in a couple football games.....he's very excited!

Here's a picture of Ben playing hockey last year and also one of him after he won an award for being the "Scoring Machine" for his team. (How cool is that??)

Way to go Ben...keep up the good work!! :) We love you!!!!

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