Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Blitz ... first practice

Well, actually second practice. First practice that Mommy attended. There are five kids on his team total .... three boys and two girls. They kids are a little older this year so it's a little easier to coach them - they are at least running in the right direction! Seems like they all get along well, and the parents were all really great too. Should be a fun season ....the first game is tomorrow. (Well, it's today, it's actually already happened you're not in the twilight zone, I'm behind in my postings!! Heeheee)

Great kicking Zach!!!

Good kick!

That's a Beckham move right there! (LOL)

He likes his new friends!

Playing red light green light


Spreading the trees apart .........

CutiePatootie Avery........

Getting the talk from the coach the night before...

Here he is at our house in his uniform...getting ready to go .....

Here he was last year getting ready to go.....looks about the same size, hasn't grown too much!

Zachary did good in his first official game today....he scored four goals but only 2 were for our team. 1 was for the other team (oops) and one was for another game. (huh??) Don't even ask on that one, lol. We went to play park and McDonald's afterwards, lol. Seems to be the "after the game treat."

Anyway, thought you'd enjoy! :)

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