Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teddy Bear Tea

Zach had his first official introduction to preschool this week... they had a "teddy bear tea" where he got to bring his favorite stuffed friend (Dino) and he got to meet his new teacher (Mrs. Sharon) and meet all his new classmates! They also had a snack and "tea" (apple juice). Zach was REALLY excited to go all week long .... until we left. Then, the panic set in. He wanted to know if we were leaving him (no, we weren't THIS time) and he started to get a bit nervous. We walked into the school and he did fine, until we got to the classroom. Then the poor guy hit the floor. *Awwwww*!!!!!

I am trying to keep in mind that this is the first time he's EVER been in this type of setting - we've always had a Nanny - even when I was working in the office every day, we still had a Nanny who lived with us, so the kids never have really been exposed to the "classroom" or daycare type of set up.

I think it was also a bit overwhelming because the parents were there and the kids, and it was rather loud ... people were taking pictures and there was just a lot of overall commotion. So ....I'm hoping next week goes better. His teacher said it probably won't. She said the first couple weeks are GOING to be rough for him and that we should expect to drop him off kicking and screaming and crying. (Yeah, okay, that's gonna kill me.) She is confident that he'll adjust it will just take some time and the parents who linger or coddle the kids when they're dropping them off make it worse. So I'm going to DROP AND GO. Ok sure. LOL. The funny thing is - there are 8 girls and 4 boys in his class. ALL the girls did great - played with each other, talked, had fun - and ALL of the boys were just like Zach....crying, wanting to be held by Mom or Dad. I mean, Zach didn't even eat the snack or have the juice! You know the kid is freaked out when he passes on AJ!
Zach did a little better by the end of the "tea" and he started playing with some Legos. And when we left, he said "oh, I didn't say good-bye to my teacher". (Actually, we tried, but he had his face buried in my leg when we were telling him to say good-bye!) So we walked back in and said good-bye, or tried to, he was still a little shy, but it was encouraging! Here's some pictures.....and you can expect a few more on Tuesday - his first "official" day!

I can't wait until he starts, I think he's actually going to love it. His name was on the board to be the "line leader" for the first week .... and it was on a big green balloon with his birthday ....and he has his own "hook" for his coat and backpack. (How cute is that??) He's so smart and loves to learn things, this is just going to be great for him.... if he can get past the first week or so!

I'm just not gonna look. They forced me to sit here with Dino and I'm not gonna look at anyone.
Here's Mrs. Sharon trying to help him with his snack... (Sorry Mrs. Sharon!)

Well, it's not SO bad, these Legos have EYES!

Wish us luck next week! xoxoxo


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