Friday, August 29, 2008

Chuck E. Cheemins

Today we took the kids to our most favorite place in the whole world... Chuck E. Cheese.


There isn't much I can tell you about our evening except for a couple photos, and one or two videos I took when we got home.

Addie is so silly sometimes....
Ok I DID have to bribe them. They had to sit still on the CURB of Chuck E Cheese and take a picture together (and Zach had to put his arms around his sisters) and THEN we could go in. NOT that great, but closest I've gotten in awhile. At least Addie and Zach are smiling!

Umm, Daddy..... these are KIDS games?

Makin' music (not music to our ears Addie, sorry...) LOL
Here's Addie with Chuck E Cheemins! (We're not making fun of you Addie, we're laughing WITH you!!! I'm going to hate it when we really have to make her say the words correctly....she sounds so cute with her lisp and her "cr" instead of "tr")
Ok Zach you can have a turn..., I guess....

Here's Addie telling you where she was tonight...Chuck E. Cheemins.

And here's her telling you how to say Elephant trunk. Crunk.

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