Monday, July 28, 2008

Tour de Wellington

As you probably know, Zachary is turning four in less than two months (HOLY COW)! And since Nana won't be here for his birthday she decided to get him his birthday present early. Check it out (It's just one more thing for the garage ... LOL!!!)

Note: His big boy bike even has a place for a water bottle, just like his dads!!! He was so good riding around on his new bike with training wheels, I don't think it will be long before he'll want them to come off!

(Note, he asked the girls to give him a push .... and they gladly obliged....he's such a flirt!!! Wonder where he gets THAT from??? Daddy?????)

He did have a few minor mishaps this weekend, though ... but he got right back up and didn't even cry....he's tough!

Of course, Nan didn't leave the twins out, she got them new tricycles, or "crikes" as Addison calls them (you know she can't say the "tr" sound) and they loved riding them!!!

It was a great weekend - we went shopping for the bikes on Saturday then to the mall on Sunday .... trying to get ready for Europe this week. Going to miss our little ones sooooo much, though we do have a FABULOUS trip lined out!!! Some of the places we're staying are amazing and the things we have planned will be just fabulous (such as the zugspitze ...scary??) I can't wait to see the Swarovski crystal museum and of course Paris......hasn't been high on my "top ten places I've wanted to visit" but since I've been researching, I've been getting more exciting ... I'm looking forward to French crepes and pastries ... and drinking champagne at the top of the Eiffel tower!

Anyway, hope you all have great evening! Here's just some random shots of the girls from Saturday after they got their new "crikes!" They're so darn photogenic.....hard to pick and choose which ones to post.

Note: She was mad at mommy in these next two pictures (Addie). Mommy told her to stay out of the dirt otherwise she was going to have to come in. She folded her arms, and gave me "the look." Is that not hysterical???

Awww...........sisterly love!!!

PS: Another big milestone for Zach - he learned to swim, with a life jacket on in the big pool. No swimming lessons, but he can keep afloat and go across - completely across the pool back and forth just kicking his feet and moving his arms with no support with his life jacket! He's thrilled!!! We need to get him in swimming lessons, but that's huge for us - he loves the pool now even more! He's getting so big - he was signed up for his second season of soccer, and I think we're going to put him in a T-ball training league this fall too. He LOVES sports!
Anyway, you all have a great night! I probably won't post that much this week - going to be hectic with Germany/France preparations, we're leaving Thursday. *Yay* But keep an eye out on our blog because I'm going to work on it at night while we're there so I don't forget anything ...... !!
Ciao! xoxo