Monday, July 28, 2008

Blankie...Blankie, who needs a blankie?

Kiersten, my 11 year old niece came to visit with her blankie. I thought her coming was pretty normal since Kayla still visits with her blankie (sorry Kay ... smile, lol!!) but when I SAW what Kiersten's blankie looked like (and I was warned in advance) I made it my mission to convince her she was old enough to *try out* a new blankie. So during her visit we searched high and low to find one as close as possible. I took her all over - Dillards, Macys, Target - and we finally got one at WAL-MART! It was the closest to the one she had (thermal). I suggested she get this really comfy smooth, soft thermal one from Dillards, with silk edges ... but it wasn't like her original blankie!! (If it were me, I'd be going for comfort!!!)

We finally found the "ONE" and she and Kayla cut a part of her old blankie and sewed it on to her new blankie so she wouldn't have to give up her old one just yet. Kayla also scrap booked a page with a piece of her old blankie. All I have to say is GOOD JOB Kiersten for being brave and moving on to a new blankie! Woohoo!!!

Here's the before/after!

Good job Kiersten .... and thanks to Kay for helping get rid of "OLD" blankie!!! :) (Smile!!!)