Monday, July 28, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

Our kids always keep us laughing with the things they say. A couple things they've said this week are worthy of a post.

First and foremost - Avery! The twins are very .... complimentary. So when you get them from their room in the morning they'll say, example: Hi Mom, I like your jammies! Or if we're sitting on the couch in the evening and one of them is sitting in our lap, they'll be like I like your glasses mom, I'll say thanks Addie (example). She'll go on to say, I like your eyes, mom. Thanks Addie. I like your shirt, mom. Thanks Addie. I'll say to her, you're very pretty Addie., to which she'll reply ... thanks Mom, I AM pretty. Heeheee!! The other night, Avery was on Sam's lap doing the same thing and she was rubbing Sam's chest - he had a button up shirt on and it wasn't buttoned all the way - and Avery says "I like your feathers, dad!" It was more like "I wike your feathers, daddy!!" How cute is that, she thinks his chest hair is feathers!!??

And today Addison cracked us all up - we have a zillion of the Fisher Price Little People. Look at the first one in the third tube.

She comes down from her nap today with this little person in her hand and brings it to Nana and says "this is you, Nana!" (Mind you - it's the "Grandpa" Little People, lol) and Nan asks her if it's because of the gray hair and Addie says "Yes, and the glasses!!!"
Zach's had a couple of funnies lately too - he and I were walking through the mall today and he said something and I laughed and he said was that funny or was it hysterical? He also says "Wallllll-E" just like the movie Wall-E - and that makes me laugh so hard, he totally changes his voice and he loves to play the Wall-E games on the PS3 - he's actually pretty good, which is funny to see, since he's only 4? It's just humorous watching this little 4 year old with this adult sized controller and he's actually pressing the right buttons and getting the things on the TV to do the moves he wants. Kids are smart these days! I can't believe he starts pre-school soon. (Wahhhh!!!) He's going to love it though, he LOVES learning activities - that and playing sports are his favorite things - so I think he's really going to enjoy it. He's going to be in for a rude awakening though, when it comes to things like taking turns, waiting for the other kids, etc. He shares pretty well, but he's not the most.....patient....of children.

Anyway, you have a great night. We're getting in gear here for Europe! WOOHOO....only three more days!!!! We've got our whole itinerary mapped out and the wonderful places we're going to visit ... I can't wait! Sam's taking me on the Zugspitze on Sunday, which should be really interesting - given the fact that it's 10000 feet up - in a cable car!! :) Keep checking our blog while we're gone, I'm hoping to keep my blog up to date so you can see what we've done!

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TheAkersFam said...

I laughed out loud at the Feathers comment. Love it!