Monday, July 7, 2008

Kiersten the Rockstar

We had some people over this weekend and of course Rockband was brought out. Kiersten ventured downstairs after she had all the kids to sleep (in a tent - a real tent - that we borrowed from our neighbors) that was set up in Zach's room and the kids thought they were going "camping" --- it was very cute --- even the girls slept in the tent and were so excited to be part of the camping trip!

Here's some pictures of the "next American Idol??" LOL.....I'll get some of Samantha next ... we set it up the next day so she could try but I forgot to grab my camera.

Here you go Kiersten...a couple blackmail shots (you better be nice to me, these were the best of the bunch, I saved the really goofy ones - you know with your eyes closed, mouth open, etc.) in case you're really bad. (heeeheee!!!)