Monday, July 7, 2008

More baseball pictures

Ok, I know, I know.....I just a have a "thing" for my hubby in his baseball uniform. I think it looks good on him! He's all hunched over, looking so serious (2nd base this week), everyone counting on's a couple pictures of the last game. My niece came to the game - she and the kids made a sign for Daddy, but it ended up being so hot that the little ones had to stay home with Grandma (as a matter of fact, their pitcher, had to be taken in an ambulance - he collapesd from heat stroke!) So just Kiersten and I went to cheer him and his team on!

Last game of the year so these are the last pictures you'll see until next season! :(

This is the sign the kids made for Daddy ... but the kids couldn't come it was too hot so Kiersten brought it anyway! It was too sweet and Uncle Sam took Kiersten for ice cream afterward!