Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome Miss Debbie!

Everyone, Miss Debbie has finally ARRIVED!


Yes, our Nanny search is *finally* over ... Miss Debbie has arrived! We hired her about six or seven weeks ago, but the little girl she'd been taking care of (Bella) Mom was in Iraq so her assignment didn't officially end until "Mom" came home ... and she made it home safe and sound this week!

Debbie moved in today and she'll be with us from now on. We're hoping Debbie loves Chesapeake as much as we do and that she doesn't run scared on Monday when Zach bangs his one fist on his chest and says "no, I don't want to" (new thing...where would he get that - has anyone seen that on a TV commercial recently or something??) LOL, nah, I know she won't, we're very excited, and we've been talking to Debbie over the last few months and she's come out to visit a couple times, so I think she knows what she's in for. Our kids are a LOT of work but they are SUCH loves (usually??) I think she'll have a blast!!

So if you want to set up a playdate, I know Debbie would really love that! She's really active and she's looking forward to meeting more people in this area!

Rachel & Sam