Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beach Day!

Ok, close your eyes and picture this.

Well, read this first, and THEN close your eyes.
90 degrees. Sunny. Breezy. Blue skies. Gorgeous beach that is NOT crowded.
Where are you at?

Yep, you guessed it, Virginia Beach!! First of all, you can open your eyes now. (Of course you knew that, right, or you wouldn't still be reading!!??) Secondly, we are so lucky to live in an area where the beach is SO incredible. The sand is awesome, the waves are perfect and the weather ... well, that could be a *little* cooler, but hey, we'll take it. It's a family-orientated there isn't a *huge* amount of weirdos.
Ok, I'll tell you this right now. I FORGOT my camera. Yeah, I know. Ms. Kodak Gallery FORGOT her camera. My nieces FIRST trip to an ocean and I forget it. Trust me, I nearly had a panic attack when I realized it about HALF WAY there (too far to turn around!!)

So I'll just have to tell you about our wonderful day! We were there for about three hours and even Grandma came with us! **yay!!** The weather was great, and the kids....OMG, the kids - all of them, had SOOO much fun! I'll start by saying Kiersten and Sammy had fun in the water until Sammy saw a crab and a jelly fish - then she wanted no part of the ocean except for collecting shells, LOL. Kiersten braved the dangerous waters (smile) and had a blast in and out of the waves with Uncle Sam! Zach, Addie and Ave stayed close to the water line except Avery LOVED when the tide would come in....she'd spread her legs apart .... turn towards us (away from the water) and let the water rush around her. Addie did that until she got knocked over by a wave, then she became a little more timid (LOL). Zach was in and out of the water but he was much more enamoured with the sand today.........especially throwing it. After awhile Avery would lay in the sand on her tummy right at the edge of where the tide came in and the water would come around her ... (so she'd pretend she was swimming) and every single time the water touched her she would exclaim in her cutest little voice (with her little lisp) "I did it!!" Heeheee!!! They loved playing in the deep holes other people dug in the sand, and pouring water from their buckets (that THEY FILLED... HOORAY!!!) and floating their boats!!) Sammy and Kiersten both collected a bunch of shells to take home and Sammy even tried to bring home a couple of jelly fish that washed up on the beach (the clear ones) but we told her best to leave them on the beach or the might end up stinking after a few days!!!!
We all got lots of sun and by the time we got home (about 3:30) we all fell into our beds for a nap (though I think Sam fell asleep in front of the TV watching the ball game!!) Me and the twins all napped until about 6:30 PM and I actually have no idea what time Zach woke up.
Needless to say, we're all pretty sunburned (yes, we all wore sunscreen!) and tired. We're just getting everybody prepped for the beach house coming up in a couple weeks .... (Can't wait!!) The house we rented is called "Daddy's Dream" (coincidence) ...and it's on the beach in Corova NC. Ther will be 10 kids and 5 adults. OY VEY. All I can say is the blender and my martini shaker BETTER be on the "LIST" of things to pack!!! :)
Hope you all had a great weekend. Other than the beach....Sam worked around the house ALL day Saturday (ugh...) He power-washed the driveway (from the mulch we had gotten) and the deck - then he and Kiersten re-stained the deck - which looks awesome now. He couldn't power wash the house because the pest control people were here this week doing quarterly spraying for spiders they said to let their stuff sit a week (PLEASE!!) He also put a porch swing up....but, well, let's just say that didn't go so well. It looked nice while it lasted, though. Hopefully we'll have that up and running by next weekend - or something else in it's place. (Smile!!)
I took Zach and Samantha to see Wall-E........very cute movie, although a little long. The Pixar short in the beginning - hilarious! Zach is totally out of diapers/pull ups (except at night time) so of course he had to pee 46 times...which was the only frustrating thing because each time there was only like two drops of pee of course, and of course you can't SHOW him you're frustrated. I think he just has to check out every single stall at every single place we go to. I think in the future, I'm just going to beeline straight to the pottys and take him in and out of each stall. Get it over with.
Hope everyone is well..................more to post later in the week!

Love to all...