Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My mom, the drug smuggler??

What do you get when you try to bring a bag of Tastefully Simple beer bread mix in your carry on luggage at BWI airport that is out of the box? You get to spend a half an hour with the Drug Enforcement Agency while they test "said" bread mix to see if it's really bread mix and not some "other" white powdery substance. Ahem...I don't know about my Mom, people. She turned 55 and now she's smuggling stuff through security? I think she just wanted the pat-down by the uniformed police officer...what do you think?

Smile Mom, it wasn't that bad! Just make the bread when you get home (minus, of course, what they tested to be sure it wasn't cocaine) will be worth it when you try it with the marijuana oops, I mean spinach and herb dip that I sent with you too. That is of course, if you get the whole thing past your second stop in Chicago. Heeheee!

Seriously (giggle giggle) I didn't think they'd REALLY stop you (giggle giggle) - it's in a cake mix bag for crying out loud (giggle giggle) and it's not even really WHITE, it's more yellowish (giggle giggle!!) So ... I really am sorry for your troubles (GIGGLE GIGGLE!!) Though you have to admit, nothing like that has ever happened to you before!!

xoxo love you and thanks for coming out - hope you enjoyed your visit out here, and we appreciate your help with the kids!