Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hampton Roads Airshow

We went to the "Airpower over Hampton Roads" air show this past weekend...and while Zach had great fun (even though he covered his ears the whole time) the twins did *NOT* like the noise one bit. They clung to mommy and daddy the entire time (mostly mommy) and every time a jet went by ........ they pretty much freaked out!

I think after they spent the first couple hours clinging to us (even when there were no jets going by) they exhausted themselves so much that they literally passed out and even with the planes overhead still managed to take an hour long nap.

Notice Addie had a lollipop that she had CLENCHED in her hand and that she would not let ended up getting stuck to her hair/face/clothes.....but at least they got a nap.

Not sure if anyone else tried to go on Saturday but when we first got there we were turned away because they said they were closing Langley down due to a bomb threat ... I called my friend whose husband is a pilot there and she didn't know anything about it (and he was there) I was wondering if anyone had the real story why they had the base shut down for the first couple hours.

Anyway, here are some pictures we got - some are OK but there was still a lot of smoke from the NC forest fires (Great Dismal Swamp) so it didn't make for great picture taking - even with my rockin' camera!

They had the British Royal Red Arrows perform this year, it was pretty awesome - especially the opening part of it - they did it with an F-22 Raptor (I think that's what that big plane is) and it was amazing how in sync they all were.

Is it just me or does it look like this plane is going down? It's amazing how close you get to these planes at this air show!
Sky diver coming down with a 5000 sq foot American flag

The F-22 Raptor (The most feared jet in the entire world. --- that's what the announcer said anyway!! LOL)
The red arrows with the Raptor......couldn't get any clear pictures because of the forest fire haze

More forest fire haze ... look how straight they were - this is their signature "arrow" .

I took this last one off their website....thought it was pretty neat.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! Thanks for reading.......have a great night!