Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Potty Training update ...

Ok so I have to send an update.

Let's start with the girls. They're doing pretty good. Not great but good. Pooping in the potty, not quite their thing yet. Avery will, but they'd both rather wait for nap time when they have their pull ups on. They're getting there though. They're starting to tell us when they have to go and rushing towards the bathroom while pulling down their panties ... which of course, usually causes (you guessed it) usually causes them to topple over. But they get there for the most part. We're getting the accident numbers down which is good. They're still young yet (26 months) so I can't be too greedy! ;)

Now for Zach. He is doing AMAZING. We took him with us to DC to pick up my nieces. We put him in a pull up and told him that even though he was in a "pull up" he still needed to tell us if he had to go potty. He told us every time, and he did not wet or dirty his diaper from 9 in the morning until 9:30 at night when we got home. We drove there and back, walked a few miles around the White House, mall area, etc. had lunch and dinner out at restaurants (where he drank plenty of SPRITE) and every time he had to go ..... he just told us and we took him. Completely dry the entire time. We were completely impressed.

However.........not as impressive as last night! He woke up this morning with a completely dry diaper (we use pull ups for naps, diapers for night time since they're much more absorbent). Yes, you heard that correctly, he was COMPLETELY dry. He went to the potty and pretty much filled the thing up (lol) and I couldn't believe it! He called Daddy at work and told him the "big news" and Daddy is going to bring him a surprise today! Go Zach, Go Zach, Go Zach!

We might ACTUALLY be closer to no pull ups and no diapers sooner than we think!!

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