Friday, June 13, 2008

45 and still Kickin'

Well Sam might be the big FOUR-FIVE, people ... but here he is in his softball uniform playing 3rd base like a twenty-five year old! ;) I took the kids to his softball game tonight (he plays on a team with guys from work) and for the *two* minutes I got to watch the game (before my maniacs spotted the play park) it was nice to see Sam playing in tight pants....oops, I mean... playing in a softball game! (Though you DO have to admit, the tight pants do look pretty darn good for a man of 45!!! Got to be all that cycling and soon to be kayaking....keep it up honey, Momma likes!!) <--- Smile!!!

So for the rest of the time, I watched the kids over at "play park" ... though I did snap some reallllllllly cute photos, which of course I'm going to share with you all here (I'm not stingy, I share my photos!) See next post for slideshow!!!

Have a great night everyone!



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